How to get a Lazy Cub

Lazy Cubs drops Wednesday, May 18th at 10am PT/ 1pm ET/ 5pm GMT


Glitch, the Lazy Lions antagonist, was once an ordinary lion, but also… an exceptional gamer. After spending hours in his cave every day, his life took a dark turn when he lost access to his favorite game. Glitch then hatches an evil plan to go back in time to sabotage Web3 and stop the metaverse altogether. In a desperate race against time, a brave group of Lions rally together to go back in time and stop Glitch’s evil plans…

Security tips

Before the drop, please make sure to review the following security tips (and always do your own research):

What are the benefits of Lazy Cubs?

Lazy Lions Holders

If you are an owner of a Lazy Lions NFT before Wednesday, May 18th (snapshot), you will be randomly airdropped a free Lazy Drink NFT per Lion you own: (ordered by rarity) a Juice, Milk, or the exceptionally rare, Lazy Special

Allowlist Pride

Over the past month we have done Twitter contests, Discord games, Bungalowner claims, stolen Lazy Lion outreach, partner/project collaborations and a large raffle for the distribution of the Lazy Cubs allowlist.

Public Sale

If there are any leftovers from the Dutch auction or allowlist they will go into a public sale at the final price of the dutch auction.


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