Lazy Lions Collectibles Launch

We’re excited to announce the first official drop of our collectibles series. With Thanksgiving just around the corner, our cards are here to shed light on the national holiday!

The Thanksgiving-themed Lazy Lions Collectible Cards are a collection of eight ERC-1155 tokens. For every person you refer to the Lazy Lions Discord (using your unique Discord invite link found on the dApp), both of you will receive a Lazy Lions Collectible Cards Pack, which includes two random cards. Collect the entire set to enter to win a Lazy Lions NFT.

So you may be asking, how do I obtain my invite link? Well, first head over to and start by connecting your crypto wallet.

Once you’ve connected your crypto wallet, you’ll be prompted to authorize your Discord.

Once both your crypto wallet and Discord are connected to our dApp, you’ll gain access to the menu page, which includes your unique invite link!

Add your friends to Discord

So what’s next? It’s time to refer some friends! Click on the “Copy Invite Link” button and begin sharing it with your friends. For anyone who joins our Discord using your unique invite link, both you and the invitee receive a pack.

Please note: you must use the unique referral link found on the dApp to earn packs.

Open packs and collect cards

It’s time to start collecting! To open your packs, start by clicking on the orange “Open your packs” button to load up your pack.

Tapping on the pack will activate the animation and reveal your cards, we highly suggest turning your volume up for this ;). Once the animation is complete, both cards will be revealed, and if you’re lucky enough, you may even score a touchdown!

View collection

Now you may be asking, how do I view my collected cards? We made this easy, click on the hamburger menu to bring up the options.

To view your collected cards, click on the “My card collection” option. Here, you will see which cards you own and which are missing. A lock indicates the card is missing. Once you’ve collected 8/8 cards, you will automatically be placed in a raffle to win a Lazy Lions NFT! The more you refer, the more packs you get and the higher your chances are of completing your set!

If you’re not able to complete your set, no need to worry, secondary sales are available on OpenSea for you to purchase. All sales are on the Polygon Network, and there are no gas fees associated with selling/buying cards!

You can also view your collection on OpenSea. Please note, this will be in the ‘hidden’ tab of your profile. Please only trade using the Official link (always be careful of scams — we do not recommend trust trades) —

Please note: you will need MATIC/other tokens on Polygon to transfer (or buy) these cards.


Early access

A quick note — this is being released as early access. This dApp is unique and something we haven’t seen in the crypto community before. We’ve had to pull out a lot of stops to make this all the connected the way it is — we think it’s great! If you encounter any bugs, please use the “report bug” feature at the bottom right-hand corner of our collectibles web page.

Please note: the dApp is optimised for desktop and that’s where you’ll have the best experience.


Kings, Queens — a large part of the reason we’ve introduced this dApp is to help educate newcomers and associate Lazy Lions synonymously with NFTs. We don’t want this to turn into a spamming tool — please refrain from doing things such as sending bulk DMs etc…. Pretty much anything you find annoying in NFT land, please avoid!


Otherwise — Kings, Queens, we hope you enjoy our gift for Thanksgiving, and happy collecting!



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