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“Glitch’s Army: Dark Energy” is a unique Open Edition NFT mint that offers you the opportunity to participate in a 49-hour race to build up “Dark Energy” and have a chance of winning a guaranteed mint pass for one of 80 rare Bitcoin Ordinals: “Glitch’s Army: The Generals”.

This innovative deflationary Open Edition mint is being released on March 28th, 2023 at 4pm PT/7pm ET in collaboration with OpenSea.

The official place to mint this collection will be on OpenSea.

The Lore

Tying into Lazy Lions lore, this drop sees the return of the Lazy Lions antagonist, Glitch.

During the original Lazy Lions NFT mint, Glitch was trying to create his own army of lions to take over the Private Island. He successfully created 80 additional lions within the mint before his plan was foiled. This resulted in the lions being locked away in the Ether for the past year and a half, getting angrier and bitter.

Glitch has spent this time trying to find these lions. And he’s finally done it. But now he needs to build up enough Dark Energy to free them and immortalize them forever on the Bitcoin network. They will become the Generals of his future army.

You can help Glitch by collecting Dark Energy — the more you collect, the higher your chances of freeing a General and receiving a guaranteed mint spot for one of only 80 unique Bitcoin Ordinals.

How To Join Glitch’s Army

To participate in the drop and have a chance of joining Glitch’s Army, you will need to purchase the Lazy Lions Open Edition NFTs, “Glitch’s Army: Dark Energy”.

The official place to mint this collection will be on OpenSea.

Open Edition NFTs

The Lazy Lions Open Edition NFT collection is called “Glitch’s Army: Dark Energy”.

This Open Edition drop is for Ethereum NFTs that represent Dark Energy stores. Each newly minted NFT is worth 100 Dark Energy and as this is an Open Edition, you can mint as many as you want.

As you add more Open Editions to your wallet, they will automatically combine to create a bigger, more powerful store of Dark Energy. This happens automatically on-chain within each individual NFT, so you’ll only ever have one NFT in your wallet. (Refer to section below for more information: On-Chain Burn & Deflationary Supply)

In addition, some of the newly minted NFTs will also contain game passes that will give you the ability to challenge Glitch in one of two mini-games: one is a no-risk, low chance game where if you win, you will receive Dark Energy boosts that are added to your total. The other game is a high-risk, high-stakes game that will give you the chance to win big prizes. But beware: if Glitch beats you, you could lose big too. (Refer to the section below for more information: Glitch’s Mini-Game)

How to purchase an Open Edition

The official place to mint this collection will be on OpenSea.

Trading Open Edition NFTs

Open Editions are tradeable on the secondary market via OpenSea.

The secondary market will be the only source for additional Dark Energy supplies once the mint has closed — remember that the supply is deflationary because of the automatic combine feature. That means supplies could become scarce once the mint is closed.

If you do sell, remember that you’re selling everything that is associated with your “Glitch’s Army: Dark Energy” NFT, including the Dark Energy stored in it plus any game passes.

On-Chain Burn & Deflationary Supply

The burning of NFTs occurs on-chain and supply is deflationary.

As you add more Open Edition NFTs to your wallet, they will automatically combine to create a larger store of Dark Energy.

For example, if you minted three that are individually worth 100 Dark Energy, these will combine to become a single NFT worth 300 Dark Energy. So the supply of “Glitch’s Army: Dark Energy” NFTs is actually deflationary.

Every secondary sale burns the NFT, adding Dark Energy to the recipient NFT and increasing its Dark Energy stores. This ensures that the supply dynamics will always be available.

The burnt NFT will convert to a “Energy Waste” NFT and will be removed from your wallet. The “Energy Waste” NFTs will only show on the collection page on OpenSea.

Dynamic Art On-Chain

The artwork is dynamic and on-chain.

The art is all on-chain, on Ethereum Mainnet, which guarantees that the deflationary supply dynamics will always be available. The artwork itself is dynamic — it will evolve as your Dark Energy stores increase and decrease.

The animated SVG image is of a glowing orb of Dark Energy — as your stores increase or decrease, so does the orb.

Future Use

We can’t give away what Glitch has planned for the future, but it’s worth noting that Dark Energy is a scarce and powerful resource…

Bitcoin Ordinals

The Lazy Lions Bitcoin Ordinals NFT collection is called “Glitch’s Army: The Generals”.

This is a collection of 80 generative Lion images using traits that are different to the existing Lazy Lions NFTs.

What is an Ordinal?

Ordinals are NFTs that are created on the Bitcoin network and, like their Ethereum counterparts, are immutable and on-chain.

Ordinals are created through a process called inscription. This is where the NFT data is written directly into a single Satoshi (or “sat” for short; the smallest unit of a Bitcoin, which comprises 100,000,000 sats)

Through this method, it becomes possible to track and transfer individual sats.

How to get a Lazy Lions Ordinal

There are a few ways to win an Ordinals mint spot:

  1. Top 40: Placing in the top 40 on the Dark Energy leaderboard (through primary purchase of Dark Energy Open Edition and/or buying on the secondary market).
  2. Mini-Game: Challenging Glitch in a head-to-head mini-game and winning one of 19 Instant Win spots.
  3. Random Draw: Having some Dark Energy stored in a wallet qualifies the holder for a random draw for those outside the top 40 after the game has ended. There will be 10 mint spots available.

One additional mint spot will be given out after the game has closed, but how it’s won is currently Glitch’s secret…

Final 10 mint spots

The final 10 mint spots are reserved for the Lazy Lions community.

  • 4 will be raffled off to Lazy Lions NFT holders.
  • 4 will be raffled off to Full Set holders, ie. a Lazy Lion + 2 matching Lazy Cubs (a young and an old Cub).
  • 2 will be reserved for future initiatives.

What happens if you win?

If you win a guaranteed mint spot via the high-stakes mini-game, you’ll see a congratulatory pop-up appear confirming you’ve won.

If you win via one of the raffles, you’ll find out via the official Lazy Lions Twitter account.

Because you’ve freed a General from the Ether using your Dark Energy supply, your Dark Energy collection will be reset to zero. In addition, you will be airdropped a separate NFT to the same wallet that contains your “Glitch’s Army: Dark Energy” NFT — this separate NFT is your guaranteed mint pass, which you’ll use to access the Ordinal mint when it opens.

For those with a guaranteed mint pass, the price of the Bitcoin Ordinal will be equivalent to 0.001 ETH plus GAS.

Be on your guard for scams — these guaranteed mint passes will never be randomly dropped to any wallet outside of the game. If you receive an NFT that claims to be a guaranteed mint pass, you can check if it is genuine by looking at the mint contract — it should be 0x6c50CA28a9e124185d3ea904B1EB743a3257bD7D. If it does not match, do not interact with the NFT as it’s likely to be a scam. If in doubt, drop us a line at and we’ll look into it for you.

How to claim your Ordinal

Winners of guaranteed mint spots will receive instructions on how to redeem their guaranteed mint pass shortly after the game has closed. These instructions will be posted on the Lazy Lions Twitter (

Be on your guard for scams. Do not respond to any other forms of communication relating to this topic: we will not contact you directly via email or DMs in social media.

There’s no locked date yet for when the Ordinals will be inscribed and available but it’s likely to be a 2–3 weeks after the game has closed. During this time, guaranteed mint pass winners can hodl or trade their winning NFTs.

Glitch’s Mini-Game

Some lucky holders of newly minted Dark Energy NFTs will receive a special invitation to face off against Glitch in a mini-game, giving them a chance to win (or lose!) energy. Your reward (or penalty) varies depending on which option you choose — no risk or high-stakes. But only high-stakes gives you a chance of automatically winning a mint spot for the Ordinals.

When can you play?

Glitch’s games open at the same time as the mint and will run for a further 24hrs after the mint has closed.

How to play

If you’ve received a game pass in one or more of the “Glitch’s Army: Dark Energy” NFTs that you’ve minted or purchased on secondary, you’ll be able to go to our website and enter the game arena.

Playing the game costs one game pass — once entered, that game pass is burned.

The games are super-simple: you’re spinning a wheel of chance and the outcome is determined by fate. If you get lucky, you could win Dark Energy prizes worth 100, 300, 500 or — in the high-stakes game only — even as much as 1000 or an instant doubling of your current stash. The high-stakes game is also the only game where it’s possible to instantly win a guaranteed mint pass for an Ordinal (there are 19 instant wins up for grabs).

If you lose to Glitch then the outcomes vary depending on the game you’re playing: lose at the low risk game and nothing happens (except Glitch gloating). Lose at the high-stakes game and you could lose 0, 100, 300, 500, 1000, or even half of your stored energy supply.


Glitch has not revealed the exact odds of winning or losing, but as a guide, the bigger the prize or the bigger the potential loss, the harder it is to get.

Note: the is a real risk that you could lose a large amount of your Dark Energy if you choose the high-stakes game. Play at your own risk.

How to know if you have a game pass

Your NFT can hold multiple game passes and you can quickly see if you have one by checking the NFT image: a blue background means you have at least one pass. To see exactly how many passes you have, head over to the Leaderboard section of the site or to OpenSea and check the NFT’s metadata.


Open Edition

Each Open Edition NFT costs 0.021 ETH.

During the Lazy Lions presale period, Lazy Lions, Cubs, & Bungalows holders will be able to purchase at a discounted rate of 0.01659 ETH.

Gas fees are not included.

Mini-Game Cost

The mini-game costs one (1) game pass + gas fees.

Gas Fees

Gas fees occur for any transaction or attempted transaction on the blockchain including a mint or confirming your entry into a game. The amount will vary depending on a variety of factors such as how many people are using the network at that moment. OpenSea does not control gas prices, nor does it receive or profit from them, and OpenSea is not able to refund gas fees. You’ll pay gas fees even if you weren’t able to successfully mint.

Key Dates

The Open Edition mint will be live for 25 hours, however the competition will continue for an additional 24 hours after which a snapshot will be taken of the leaderboard and the winners will be determined.

Mint Period

The hunt for Glitch’s army begins on March 28th:

  • 4pm PT / 7pm ET: Free Claim for holders of Lazy Lions NFT and the two matching Lazy Cubs NFTs (younger & older versions). Runs for 30 minutes.
  • 4:30pm PT / 7:30pm ET: Presale for Lazy Lions, Cubs, & Bungalows NFT holders. Unlimited mint. Discounted price 0.01659 ETH. Runs for 30 minutes.
  • 5pm PT / 8pm ET: Open Edition Public sale. Unlimited mint. 0.021 ETH. Runs for 24 hours.

Competition Period

After the mint, the competition will continue for another 24 hours. The snapshot of the leaderboard will be taken on completion.

Winner announcements

Winners will be announced on post the completion of the snapshot.

More Information

For latest updates, join our Discord and follow us on Twitter.



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