Lazy Lions Update #30

eToro Twitter Space

Joyage Kingdom Podcast

Lazy Lions Twitter Space

In this official Lazy Lions Twitter Space, Ashur and Nine were joined by Noncoducks founder DuckMaster. It was great learning more about the Noncoducks project and some of the overlaps with the Lazy Lions, as well as getting DuckMaster’s thoughts on the current situation with the NFT space and how he sees it all playing out.

In the Press

Our birthday and $100mil traded volume milestone were celebrated in a few publications, including NFT Evening and Blockchain News.

LFR with AR

Congratulations to all the Kings and Queens for another successful week of ROARing, expanding, and most importantly… supporting your fellow creators in the Pride! Lots of fun things have happened recently, but the first we have to hit on is the unveiling of more Lazy Lion tattoos!




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