Lazy Lions Update #38

What a way to end 2022! We loved all the positive feedback we received from the holiday activations we prepared for you Kings and Queens. We were thrilled to see our community come together as a Pride in 2022. And in 2023, we’re looking forward to reaching new heights with our ROAR!

Twitter Space with GemsScope

During the AMA, Ashur provided valuable information to listeners who were interested in learning more about the Lazy Lions and their NFT ecosystem. He discussed the various entry points for those looking to enter the Pride and shared some exciting insights about what’s in store for the Lazy Lions in 2023. Ashur discussed plans to expand the ROARwards program and make it easier for holders to activate their IP. If you haven’t already, be sure to listen to the AMA to learn more about us and some of our plans for the future.

Nearing the end of the AMA, Ashur and GemsScope also gave away 2 Lazy Lion Cubs each to randomly picked listeners of the Space. Congratulations to Westsidehabibi, YahooKDA, GemirusBaby, Richardschmele2, and welcome to the Pride!

The season of activations

Congratulations to our first-place winner JusticeAlbatraoz for getting a staggering 84 points and taking home a Lazy Lions Football Jersey signed by Ashur and Nine to be delivered in Q1!

Congratulations to our second-place winner MiladB for getting an insane 76 points and a Lazy Cub NFT!

Congratulations to our third-place winners, Macbuff, and Stugots10.crypto, who were tied at an impressive 74 points and received a Lazy Bungalow NFT each!

World Cup Mascot

Santa bot giveaway

Congratulations to our Present collectors

  1. TheProcess84 collected a total of 545 Presents!
  2. Luf420 collected a total of 347 Presents!

Congratulations to our Snowball makers

  1. Dabeef.wallet made a staggering total of 9,200 Snowballs!
  2. Kevo225 made an amazing 6,897 Snowballs!

New Years Competition (Votes now live in Discord)

The Bungalow puzzle — Walkthrough

The puzzle began on a cold winter night, shortly after the World Cup had ended. The Lazy Lions Mascot wanted to embark on a world-wide journey to enjoy the holiday season. However, he never informed the Lions he was leaving. The only indication of his plans was a note left at the Cabana Bar. Unfortunately, Glitch discovered the note first and decided to play a trick on the Lions by blocking all incoming communications from our Mascot, and replacing the original note with an encrypted one, challenging the lions to solve it, adding a layer of mystery and curiosity to the whole situation.

Since the Pride requested a breakdown for the puzzle, here are the solutions to each.

Clue #1 — A mischievous Lion

Glitch appears at the Cabana Bar

The first clue in the puzzle served as an introduction to the story and setting. It was not meant to be solved until the fourth image was revealed, making it necessary for the players to wait for subsequent clues to solve the puzzle.

Clue #2 — The Outdoor Bungalow

Who’s that Lion?

The second clue in the puzzle was a red post located in front of a bungalow that had a collection of odd items surrounding it. The hint was in the caption of the Twitter post 🏘️… … 🔮🛸. The symbols on the red post were written in the Futurama alien alphabet which can be deciphered by using Once decoded, it spelled out “only Bungalowners can solve the puzzle”. Additionally, the image features symbols such as one ball, a chess piece, a pipe, a gift, a key, a padlock, and a medal, which represents that only one King or Queen will be able to solve the puzzle and win the prize.

Clue #3 — A world of Bungalows

Clues for a moonlit night

Inside the bungalow, there is a bookshelf filled with books that have strange symbols on the covers. However, these symbols can be deciphered to reveal a series of countries. In addition to the books, if you take a closer look at the room, you will find various clues scattered around. One particularly important clue is a picture of a civic crown, also known as Caesar’s crown, which suggests that the Caesar Cipher encryption method should be used. By deciphering the symbols on the books and solving the clues, you will be able to reveal the following countries:

1st column




2nd column





3rd column




By using the cipher and connecting the pins on the map to the countries listed in each column, players were able to uncover the letters “SAYROARKING.” However, this was only part of the solution. To find the full password, players had to pay attention to the objects located next to the books, which included a front-facing book, a clock, and a telescope. These objects had peculiar patterns etched into them, which upon close examination were revealed to be numbers in Braille. These numbers translated to “10262”, making the full password “ROARKING10262”

Clue #4— Inside the cave

Glitch’s Cave

The final clue to solving the puzzle was hidden within Glitch’s Cave. If players recalled the numbers from the encrypted message in the first clue, they would notice that there were letters on Glitch’s screen resembling a compass, with each letter representing 30-degree increments. By figuring out the corresponding angles for each letter and entering them, players would arrive at the URL “”.

When accessing the link, Bungalow holders were prompted to enter their Discord name to gain access to the ROAR-the-CLUE channel in the Lazy Lions Discord. Once in the channel, players were prompted to enter the final password, which was “ROARKING10262”. A successful entry would trigger a prompt from Lazy Bot indicating the puzzle had been solved, along with an explanation of what happened to the Lazy Lions mascot.

It turns out our Mascot was never missing. Instead, he was traveling the world and being lazy, even getting to see Argentina take the world cup!

Congratulations to Hansel34 for cracking the mystery and winning a full set of Lazy NFTs, including a Lazy Lion NFT, a Lazy Cub NFT, and a Lazy Bungalow NFT.

We’re thrilled to have been able to bring such enjoyable activations to our community during the holiday season. 2022 has been a year of great achievements, and we’re confident that the Kings and Queens will be excited to see what we have planned for 2023 and beyond. It’s a perfect way to celebrate the end of the year and look forward to the new one. ROAR!

LFR with Aaron

Many can try to replicate, but none can duplicate the power and strength that the Kings and Queens bring. Whether it’s supporting each other’s social posts, welcoming new members, contributing to IP building, or showing up for these votes and challenges- we always prove why, one day soon, we will all feast!

Speaking of welcoming new 👑s, we’ve seen a lot of new Pride members the last few days and some AWESOME Lion buys! Hoodies, Crowns, Lazy Hats, Evil Eyes and many more “grail” Lions have found their way into hopeful diamond paws. Congratulations to the buyers and welcome to the new (and former) Kings and Queens!

Besides the GemsScope space mentioned above, we also saw a very informative space between The Founders and fellow King @Wii_Mee! A leader in the Web3 security space, Wii_Mee did an excellent job explaining the ins & outs of all things NFT protection. We’re all very lucky to have him in the Pride. Check out the space below icymi:

🛑 Don’t Forget: Be sure to vote for your Favorite Moments & Content from 2022 in Discord NOW! Voting ends 1/15 @ 11:59pm PT! There are lots of awesome choices and many deserving finalists. Make your ROAR heard!

AND if you haven’t checked out the animation and introduction done by yours truly, it’s below for your viewing pleasure. Rex Roar is here, but there is much #MoreRoar to come!

Lazy Lions is building a lasting and sustainable IP that can be around for years to come. Each and every one of us owns a character within that universe, but it is up to us to tell our own story. It’s our IP, our Lion, our ROAR that needs to be released. Kudos to the IP creativity that’s already within the Pride. If you are still sitting on the fence, this is your notice to get to work and build some cool shit. If you don’t know where to start, just start the conversation with the Kings and Queens in Discord.

Let the creative juices flow and LET’S F’N ROARRRR!

-AR, community manager



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