Lazy Lions Update #40

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5 min readFeb 10, 2023


Kings and Queens, an exciting update is ahead! A new one-of-one Lazy Cub has been revealed. We also have ROARwards winners and recent Twitter Spaces from the founders. Check it out!

ROARwards Winners

K_monkey1520 — Congratulations, you’ve won Lion #4144

RobbieG — Congratulations, you’ve won Lion #5506

AaronBerg — Congratulations, you’ve won Lion #6602

Andrewc — Congratulations, you’ve won Lion #2150

MTOP — Congratulations, you’ve won Lion #7443

Ethanj37 — Congratulations, you’ve won Lion #8676

TexasG68 — Congratulations, you’ve won Lion #9805

Another Lazy Special consumed!

The Lazy Lions community is buzzing with excitement as, EkulLion.Eth, revealed a rare 1 of 1 Lazy Cub NFT.

The reveal came after EkulLion drank a Lazy Special, a unique experience that can only be created by consuming your Lazy Special NFT through our Lazy Cubs website.

Big congratulations to EkulLion on this reveal!

There are only 5 more Lazy Specials left in the ecosystem, so who will be the next to consume one and reveal a 1 of 1 NFT? 👀 Welcome to this cheeky little fella below!

Enjinstarter Twitter Space

Ashur, had a great time chatting with Enjinstarter’s CEO and Co-Founder, Prakash, and Social Media Lead, Chris, on Twitter Spaces about Lazy Lions’ 2023 vision and plans. Ashur gave a brief background about Lazy Lions, and how it was founded in 2021 and is now in its second year. As an original collection, Lazy Lions diverged from the traditional roadmap and instead chose the Lazy Lions Strategy to display their future direction in entertainment.

Traditional roadmaps serve as a promise and a clear outline of the project’s goals, but for Lazy Lions, it’s about establishing a clear direction for the project and its move into entertainment. The strategy map is a better way to showcase this vision to the community.

Prakash and Chris went on to share the story of how they acquired their first Lazy Lions NFT. Chris discovered Lazy Lions during Singapore’s National Day and sent a picture to Prakash, who then minted his first Lion. What a King! 👑

During the Twitter space, Ashur emphasized that Lazy Lions is currently focused on building out the story bible, team, and advisory board as they move into the big space. We’re venturing into a huge space and we need to bring on more people who have experience and expertise in these areas.

Missed out on this Twitter Space? You can listen to the recorded version here.

Bridge3Labs Twitter Space

Ashur had a great conversation with Bridge3Labs (B3L) on February 8th. The discussion offered a fun and insightful look into the world of Lazy Lions and the exciting potential of NFTs in the entertainment industry.

To start, our Co-Founder, Ashur, shared his unique background with a passion for gaming and programming. In 2021, Ashur and Nine discovered digital assets and were immediately captivated. They dove headfirst into the world of smart contracts and NFTs.

When asked about his vision for the gaming industry, Ashur explained that the project’s approach is not to start with the game itself. The key to success, according to Ashur, is a strong story that people are invested in and interested in. The vision map focuses on the different parts of the Lazy Lions collection, how they interact and share value, all while tying back to the NFTs.

Listen to the recorded version here.


Sweeps, shoutouts, and solid buys have been the cause of some massive roars the last few weeks. It’s certainly been an exciting time for The Pride! From The Long Lion- to Binance, Gary Vee, Sandy Carter, Boss Beauties- to Lazy Hat, Hoodie, and Crown sales.

…but what may have caused some of the biggest recent hype is the long-term vision, Lazy Lions Strategy Map, release!

Lots to digest here, but the north star is now in place. The previous Medium Article went in depth on the new vision and goals, so be sure to check it out if you haven’t. The future looks very promising for the LL Pride!

Along with being the most dedicated and powerful community in this industry, we are also one of the most creative. With that, I want to give a quick shoutout to our 2022 Discord Memes, Moments, and Content winners:

Dubdiz, ManuLion, and Advanced Owl!!

There were many fun entries and talented individuals, but The Pride let their roars heard and their votes were cast. Congratulations again to the winners and I hope you all enjoy your new Cubs and Bungalows!

Creativity and community-created content has continued to be a core component of our Kings and Queens. We’ve recently seen an increase in personal IP development and I can only imagine that will exponentially continue, as the Founders begin to roll out new advancements to ROARwards. In the meantime, be sure to support your fellow Pride members on a weekly basis, if you can. Along with our staple community spaces such as The Straw Hat Beach Club, The Black Cap Crew, Galaxy Gang, and so on- there have been some new Pride members that could use your support:

Meme King, Cryptoxican, with his “Roaring Network” spaces; The Lazy Stream Team has been hosting CoD tournaments; And The Lazy Chefs have started a new cooking-tips & recipes YouTube page!

Be sure to check out each 👑’s Twitter for all the details, follow them if you haven’t, and join in on their next round of fun!

There’s lots of fun and excitement on the horizon for The Lazy Lions project and it would not be possible without all of you that create the daily fun and excitement for The Lazy Lions community! Happy to be ROARing with you all.

-AR, Community Manager



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