Kings and Queens, read more below as we reflect on the changes to creator royalties and share some of our recent developments.

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5 min readFeb 23, 2023

Royalty changes

The NFT market has been a rollercoaster ride in the past few weeks, and there is a lot of uncertainty, especially with the recent changes to creator royalties on OpenSea.

Our team has been working hard to ensure that we are comfortable in this market. As soon as we saw the market taking a dip in mid-2022, we made the wise decision to immediately reduce our burn. This has put us in a strong financial position, and we have been lean this whole time.

However, instead of staying lean, our primary focus now is on building out our team. A strong team is crucial to success, and we know there will be challenges ahead, but the team is hard at work to ensure we overcome them. We are well-capitalized, have a clear vision, and will continue working on bringing it to life.

Recent developments


We’ve had conversations with established names in the entertainment industry, and there is a growing interest in the Lazy Lions brand. As we strive to emerge as a prominent player in this space, we are carefully evaluating potential partners/advisors to identify the best fit for our brand. We will keep you updated on any developments.

ROARwards 3.0

The team is currently building out ROARwards 3.0. We have taken the community’s comments into consideration while building out the platform and we are continuously gathering feedback to ensure the platform aligns with the community’s expectations. We will provide updates as they become available, as well as clear details on the specifics of the program.

$ROAR token

$ROAR token discussions with the new direction are underway, and we’re looking at who would be the best fit to advise and help us with the launch. We don’t want to rush this, but we are working to ensure we’re ready to launch at the optimal time.

Brand Portal

We’re working on a brand portal that will provide community members with brand assets and templates to use on social media. Initially, this will be a simple shared drive (in the interest of rolling this out asap), but over time we are looking to build a proper portal on the website.


We’re currently in the process of upgrading the site. For now, it’ll be an interim website before eventually transitioning into a website that aligns with our new vision and mission.

Ordinal NFTs

There has been a lot of hype recently around Ordinal NFTs, and we are having many internal discussions about potential opportunities. Nothing is set in stone, but if an idea arises that makes sense and adds value to the brand and holders, we will consider it. You can trust that we will be keeping an eye on this.

Twitter Spaces/Interviews

Twitter Spaces/Interviews and Medium articles will continue as normal.

Roaring Network — Lazy Special

Recently, the Roaring Network hosted a Twitter Space with Ashur, co-founder of Lazy Lions NFT. During the Space, Ashur discussed Lazy Lions’ mission and how the community inspired the project.

Ashur explained how Lazy Lions was founded in August 2021 during the peak NFT season. He also mentioned how the project’s focus on community sets it apart from other collections. The team chose lions because of their cultural significance and representation of courage, leadership, strength, and sociality.

Lazy Lions aims to be more than just an NFT collection and hopes to take on entertainment giants in the future. Ashur emphasized that the community’s input and feedback are crucial to the project’s success. The team regularly engages with the community through Discord and other channels to ensure that the project is moving in the direction that the community desires.

Overall, the Twitter Space provided valuable insights into Lazy Lions’ vision and approach to community involvement. It will be interesting to see how the project evolves and continues to engage with its community in the future. Listen to the whole Twitter Space here.


Third-party marketplace transitions, Twitter Space fun, community IP creations… a lot has happened the last few weeks, both inside and outside The Lazy Lions Pride.

As most have seen by now, Opensea has changed their fees position and it’s caused a ripple effect of uncertainty throughout the NFT market. But one thing is for certain, Lazy Lions was prepared and will remain at full, roaring speed. Lazy Lions co-founder, Ashur, touched a bit on the marketplace conditions in two recent Tweets. The community can rest assured that the long-term vision and protection of the brand and community, has and will continue to be the top priROARity. ICYMI:

There have been many fun and informative Twitter Spaces in the last few weeks, as well: Galaxy Gang hosting the DMG team, The Lazy Hats Lazy Lounge, The Black Cap Crew hosting Memo from the Killabears, and of course King @cryptoxican hosting the Lazy Lions’ founders for a special “Roaring Network” episode. Shoutout to all the community members working hard to keep their Twitter Spaces going during the bear market. This consistency creates a fun, weekly environment for Lions to hang out and catch up. Very much appreciated ❤️

Community lead Twitter Spaces is only one way members have been utilizing their personal Lion IP. Recent weeks we’ve seen personalized license plates (, a new cooking video from Lazy Chefs (, and yours truly dropped another animation and my first, Lion-IP based comic book (

A recent tweet from the Lazy Lions account said “We’re not just creating characters, we’re bringing a whole world to life.” This idea exemplifies, not only what the larger brand is working to achieve, but also the possibilities that each and everyone of us have- the ability to create characters, stories, entire worlds with your Lion as the main protagonist. Do not sleep on this opportunity!

No matter how you use your IP, or if you are here to just enjoy the ride, The Lazy Lions will continue to ROAR…

…and moving closer and closer to March and ROARwards 3.0… all of this may soon be tied together. 👀

-AR, Community Manager



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