Lazy Lions Update #42

Lazy Lions
4 min readMar 9, 2023

Kings and Queens buckle up as we cover a bunch of exciting topics in this week’s update!

Discord AMA — Full Matching Sets

On March 4th, Ashur and Nine hosted a Discord AMA where they discussed various topics, including updates on the project’s recent accomplishments and plans for the coming weeks.

One question that the community eagerly awaited was the definition of a “Full Matching Set” in preparation for ROARwards 3.0. A Full Matching Set consists of an OG Lion, an Old Cub, and a Young Cub, with the OG Lion having used their Juice and Milk to produce the younger versions of itself.

During the AMA, it was announced that those with Full Matching Sets will receive bonus points for ROARwards 3.0! Below is an example of a Full Matching Set and the corresponding Lazy Drink that offers each cub.

It was also mentioned that the current development of the ROARwards 3.0 system will enable users to link multiple wallets. This means that you can earn points for all the Lazy NFTs you own, regardless of which wallet they are in.

The Discord AMA was an enjoyable and informative event. If you couldn’t attend, don’t miss out on the opportunity to listen to the recording on Discord!

Expanding the Team: New Growth Marketer

We’ve recently hired a growth marketer to accelerate our growth and reach. This new team member will collaborate closely with our existing marketing team to develop and execute plans that align with our tactical calendar and maximize our growth potential.

Moreover, they will take charge of managing our marketing efforts across all social media platforms. We prioritized a candidate that aligns with our team culture and shares our values of continuous learning and team growth.

Happy International Women’s Day, Queens!

This March 8, we celebrated the strength and resilience of all the incredible women in the Lazy Lions community. Just like Lions, you are fierce, powerful, and majestic beings that bring beauty and value to the world.

We want you to know that you are appreciated, loved, and admired for all you do. Keep shining and roaring like the Queens you are.

Let’s continue to support and uplift each other, not just today, but every day. Happy International Women’s Day, Queens! 👑

Collab-Land Proposal Submission

We submitted a proposal to Collab-Land for the retroactive distribution of 150,000,000 $COLLAB tokens, intended to reward the Top 100 Communities based on their longevity, activity, and the number of wallets connected. Lazy Lions has been included on this list to receive the Collab-Land airdrop.

We are waiting for Collab-Land’s response and will keep you all informed about the next steps.


GM Kings and Queens! It’s finally March and that means ROARwards 3.0 is almost here! With the revelation that an official “full-set” is an OG Lion and its matching juice and milk Cubs, I’m certain we will start to see even more participants of #FullSetFriday.

#FullSetFriday is only one way to show off your Lion Pride! Within the last few weeks, we’ve also seen some very cool IP uses, as well!

Roaring Sauces with a physical statue:

CryptoMindset collaboration with Black Cap Crew AND Lazy Chefs to add more LL trait apparel to their website:

Yours truly with another Roar Store drop and commercial:

And the 5th Lazy Lion tattoo in the form of the Lazy Chefs sub-community!

Supporting your fellow Pride members, whether it’s via their IP ventures or simply sharing the daily ROARS from Discord, goes a long way in community building AND pushing the LL brand to the masses.

Our fellow King, D_Wots, managed to combine both of these aspects into something very cool for us all. Every Monday Wots is delivering free templates to the Kings and Queens, as simple-to-use, unofficial, Lazy Lions brand items that allows for customization with your own Lion!

Three have been released thus far and we really appreciate the time and energy that was surely involved in these creations. Be sure to check them out and share your personalized templates on Twitter!

Keep up the good work to the IP builders, keep up the endless hours to the Twitter ROARers, keep up the positive vibes to Discord degens, and keep up the no quit attitude to the Diamond Paws!

I’ll see you in some community spaces this week… or feel free to drop into a Discord voice-chat when you see a few Kings or Queens. It’s such an easy and relaxed way to get to know The Pride in a more private setting.

Plus, you never know when the King will drop in with some alpha 👀

Let’s F’N Roar!

-AR, Community Manager



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