Kings, Queens — this week’s update is primarily a recap of the Glitch’s Army drop, Magic Eden partnership, and a reminder about the Sandbox Avatars!

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5 min readApr 20, 2023

Glitch’s Army: The Generals

Glitch has successfully freed his Generals and they’re now immortalized forever on the Bitcoin Blockchain. The “Glitch’s Army: The Generals” Ordinal NFT collection is officially within the first one million Ordinals to ever be inscribed on BTC! This is a milestone achievement for Lazy Lions as these NFTs become part of history as a permanent and immutable record, they represent a unique and priceless piece of digital art.

The Glitch’s Army drop was the most complex and exciting collection we’ve dropped to date. Our aim was to launch a Bitcoin Ordinals collection in a way that hasn’t been done before, and we achieved that. The use of Open Editions which included on-chain burn and dynamic art, coupled with a game that revolved around a story, revealed a key piece of the Lazy Lions lore that has laid the foundation for our entertainment brand.

There was a total of 1467 players who participated in Glitch’s Minigame and over 1,365,000 Dark Energy was created during the drop, with over 700,000 Dark Energy being consumed to save Glitch’s Generals.

Today was the first day that owners of the General Mint pass had the opportunity to mint the Ordinals on Bitcoin!

Glitch’s Minigame — Game stats

Magic Eden Partnership

We are thrilled to have partnered with Magic Eden for the launch of our highly anticipated Glitch’s Army: The Generals Ordinal NFTs. The launch went live on the 19th of April at 5pm, PT.

If you’re one of 80 owners of the Glitch’s Army: The Generals mint spot NFTs, you have a guaranteed whitelist spot (available to mint now) to purchase your Ordinal NFT for a novelty fee of only the equivalent of $2 USD in BTC. To secure your whitelist spot, you would need to transfer the ownership of your Generals mint spot to our wallets and provide us with your Bitcoin Ordinal address to be whitelisted on Magic Eden for your Ordinal NFT. Full details on how to do this in the announcement channels in our Discord.

You can view the Glitch’s Army: The Generals Ordinal NFTs collection and secondary market here: Glitch’s Army: The Generals

Here are a few Ordinals that have been minted already 👿

Glitch’s Army: The Generals #1
Glitch’s Army: The Generals #47
Glitch’s Army: The Generals #36

What’s next?

At the core of the Lazy Lions project is our mission to build an entertainment brand. We’re doing this by creating an engaging world of storytelling and gameplay that captures the imaginations of our community members. We’re thrilled to see how everyone is interacting with the world we’ve built.

As we continue to build on the Lazy Lions universe, we’re keeping an eye on the future of Dark Energy. Rumors abound that Glitch and his Generals plan to build a formidable army, powered by Dark Energy, to conquer and take over the Private Island. But only time will tell what fate awaits the Lazy Lions.

Glitch’s Army


If you missed it, we had announced that we teamed up with Sandbox to create custom avatars for our community. You’ll be able to use these Avatars in the Sandbox Environment. These Avatars embody the unique spirit and style of the Lazy Lions community that we all know and love. Check yours out here:

We can’t wait to see our Pride explore Sandbox’s vast universe and connect with players from all over the world using the new Lazy Lions Avatar. Get ready to unleash your inner ROAR 🦁!

Lazy Lions Sandbox Avatars


What a wild ride the last few weeks have been inside The Lazy Lions Pride- the emergence of Glitch in Discord, the Dark Energy games and Ordinal pass winners, Sandbox avatars and NFT NYC!

I first wanted to congratulate everyone who won an Ordinal! So many well deserving community members on the victor’s list and I couldn’t be happier for you all. Second, a BIG THANK YOU to every participant inside and outside The Pride. Marketing, dev work, and story was finely executed, but each and every one of you made The Glitch’s Army drop special.

The loud Twitter ROARS, sharing the A+ marketing materials, discussing game theory, hyping up your feeds, joining spaces… the support and acceptance from the community on this drop made for a very fun ride.

The success is in your paws and I thank you all for the time and energy you invested. Truly the Kings and Queens of all NFTs.

Attention then moved to NFT NYC and there is a ton of recognition needed here, as well! Shoutout to @gregyounger, @pdam67, and @amlug who each spoke at individual panels on topics including: books on the blockchain, importance of community, and legal & finance.

It’s always awesome seeing Lions supporting Lions, as well as individual Pride members making names for themselves within the Web3 ecosystem. Congratulations again to you Kings and I hope you continue doing great things within the space.

Our community-ran ROAR NYC meetup capped off Wednesday night inside Kingston Hall (very thematic right 😉). It definitely caused some fomo within the Pride seeing all the Kings and Queens in the NYC area casually chilling at the Cabana Bar. We appreciate all of you that made the trip out and all who helped in organizing the event- and of course LL for sponsoring such a fun time! Lions building a stronger relationship as a community and connecting more to the Lazy Lions brand is very important and I hope we continue to see more of this in the future!

Now, all eyes are on the upcoming Glitch’s Army release in partnership with Magic Eden! I can’t wait to see all those nefarious Generals on Twitter.😈

The Pride continues to grow stronger each day and on behalf of all the Kings and Queens, thank you to the ones who continue to ROAR loud. #MoreRoar to come!

-AR, Community Manager



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