The Sheriff issues urgent appeal

Speaking of a revolution, trouble is brewing on Private Island. Last week, the Sheriff called on all Lions to prepare to stop the dastardly plans of our antagonist Glitch. How can the Lions save the metaverse? Stay tuned for more of the story as we build-up to the drop… Lazy Cubs are coming very soon.

VIP experience to meet real lions in South Africa

Our awesome partners at Born Free Foundation have offered Lazy Lion holders a VIP tour of their big-cat sanctuary at the Shamwari Private Game Reserve. You will be able to see the two lions we sponsor in their large natural enclosures, as well as many other lions and leopards that have been rescued from captivity. It’s been so nice to see Angela and Louga thrive in the last few months, and it’ll be even nicer for those of you who are lucky enough to meet them in person. More details to follow next week.

Lazy Lions plan for the future

We’re speaking to you from our planning retreat in the wilds of Ontario, Canada — a week-long brainstorming session where our leadership team is putting the finishing touches on the Lazy Cubs drop, planning our event at NFT.NYC, and solidifying the future for Blockchain Media.



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