Lazy Cubs Coming in May!

The Cubs launch is right around the corner 🚀

As it stands, the entire Allowlist has been allocated and only a few Discord spots remain! More Gartic Games will be coming soon. So, make sure to keep an eye on the events tab in Discord for an opportunity to earn an Allowlist spot.

*Remember, every Lion will receive a Lazy Drink airdrop of Milk or Juice to be used to create a Lazy Cub. Lion holders who win an Allowlist spot will be guaranteed a spot to mint a Cub in addition to their airdrop.

We also granted Allowlist spots for Bungalowners that didn’t own a Lion. These spots have filled up rapidly and we currently only have 10 spots remaining. Please consider this before purchasing a Bungalow or advertising this Allowlist allocation in the future. We will be making more announcements about this in Discord once the allocations have been completely filled up.

Born Free foundation

Grab your chance to meet some real lions in their natural habitat with our partners, Born Free Foundation…

We’ve got something really special to offer all of you Kings & Queens: the VIP treatment at the Shamwari Private Game Reserve and the chance to see the two lions we sponsor, Angela and Louga, in their natural habitat.

Our partners at the Born Free Foundation have kindly offered ALL Lazy Lion holders a VIP tour of their big-cat sanctuary in Eastern Cape, South Africa. As well as Angela and Louga, there are many other lions and leopards living in large natural enclosures across the Shamwari Private Game Reserve, a truly breathtaking expanse of land. There is no competition to win here — all of you are welcome.

See below for more details of the VIP tour:

-A member of the Born Free management team will greet you at your lodge and give you a personal escort to the main centers on-site.

-You’ll be given an introductory talk and video about Born Free, its history, and work in conservation, welfare, and community.

-Your dedicated Shamwari ranger will take you on a VIP tour of the Julie Ward Centre and Jean Byrd Centre.

-You will then be escorted around the sanctuary to see the big cats in their large natural enclosures. The lions and leopards are viewed from the safety of a viewing deck at each enclosure.

-Throughout the tour, you will have the opportunity to ask questions and get to know the personal experiences of the Born Free team. You will also be shown the viewing-deck plaque in honor of the Lazy Lions support.

-The first few Lion holders to sign up will be given a special picnic on one of the Born Free viewing decks.

-Each Lazy Lions holder will receive a small gift as a thank you for their support of Born Free.


-To claim your VIP experience, go to and tag your booking with a note that says you are a Lazy Lion holder (we will then validate your Lion ownership).

-The offer is limited to once per year per Lion holder and runs up until the end of March 2023.

-There is no way of guaranteeing the sightings of specific animals. Born Free respects the privacy of the big cats and does not entice them to appear.

We would like to thank Born Free for their generous offer and all of the great work they are doing to rescue lions and leopards from captivity. Now you can see this for yourself in the most beautiful of settings, just as nature intended it.

*Keep your eyes peeled for more Lazy Cubs announcements. Until next time, keep on ROARing!



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