Lazy Lions Weekly Update #26


Mon, 20th of June: The Main Event

ROAR NYC Main Event: Monday, 20th of June 2022

Tue, 21st of June: Puma Pop-Up

Lazy Lions x Pumpa Pop-Up: Tuesday, 21st of June 2022

Thu, 23rd of June: VIP Dinner

ROAR NYC VIP Dinner: Thursday, 23rd of June 2022

Welcome to the Lazy Cubs

A couple of quick updates about Lazy Cubs

  • The Lazy Cubs collection is now officially verified on OpenSea
  • You can officially check rarity rankings via the Rarity.Tools website

Metadata Update

Lazy Lions metadata has officially been frozen

Discord Retro

AR’s Update

AR, Community Manager




Lazy Lions is the NFT community for 👑’s

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Lazy Lions

Lazy Lions

Lazy Lions is the NFT community for 👑’s

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