Roadmap 2022 Update #34

The iconic Lazy Lions 2022 Roadmap. What a sight.

Basketball Ring — April 3rd

Sacramento Kings — Twitter
NBA — Lazy Lions x Sacramento Kings on the Jumbotron!
NBA — Lazy Lions centre court with our community

Puma, Kraken, & Unstoppable Domains (i.e. Still to come: Future collabs, Partnerships collabs) — June 21st

Puma — Twitter
Lazy Lions — Twitter
NYC Puma Flagship store — Every customer today learnt more about Lazy Lions
NYC Puma Flagship store — Lazy Lions on the big screen!
NYC Puma Flagship store — Lazy Lions x Puma

Lazy Cubs — May 18th

Lazy Cubs announcement dropped on Twitter.
Lazy Cubs drop date — May 18th
Lazy Cubs — Generation
Lazy Cubs — example of a full set

ROARwards+ (i.e. Regular menu) — May 10th

ROARwards — winner
ROARwards — winner

Stan Wawrinka — January 30th

Stan Wawrinka sharing the Lazy Lions 2022 Roadmap on Twitter
Stan Wawrinka — Signed Tennis racket
Stan Wawrinka — Signed Tennis racket

Lazy Comics (i.e. story game) — June 23rd

VIP Dinner — Lazy Comics available for all who attended
VIP Dinner — Lazy Comic for attendees

LAZY Apparel Collectibles (i.e. Collectibles) — September 22nd

Lazy Collectibles — Homepage
Lazy Collectibles — Cards
LAZY Apparel — About
LAZY Apparel — Collection

Lazy Votes October 15th, 2021

Events March 12–15th (SXSW), June 20–23rd (NYC)

Austin Convention Centre — Ashur doxxing on stage for the first time.
ROAR Sign — Ascent Lounge
Lazy Lions community at Ascent Lounge, NYC

Metaverse Expansion — August 13th

VRchat — The Private Island

Whitelists — February 4th

Metaverse concerts — August 13th

VRchat — DJ stage
VRchat — Outdoor stage

Lion Sanctuary — February 3rd

Born Free Foundation — Twitter

Uniqly — October 28th

Uniqly — Twitter



Sandbox — Lazy Lions Avatar (Work in progress)
Sandbox — Lazy Lions Cabana Bar (work in progress)


ROAR Token


Reserved Seat

Signed shirt auction

Lions Den

Community discussion & poll

These are items that due to external changes outside of Lazy Lion’s control, make it no longer as rewarding for the project.

Blockchain Game announcement




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